The Objectives


Shape Tourism proposes a series of innovative interventions that transversally and vertically originate responses to each of the types of territorial challenges mentioned above.

The result is a system of actions mutually reinforcing towards the 3 specific project objectives addressing the following categories of common territorial challenges:

  1. knowledge, structural framework and sustainable policies enhancement.
  2. development of tools for a common approach to coastal and maritime tourism planning 
  3. diffusion of a DSS to increase synergies and cooperation mechanism enhancing the stakeholders coordination, enriching the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and the Maritime Spatial Planning -  ICZM/MSP current state still not combined with these kind of tools.

ShapeTourism aims at generating an innovative holistic methodology able to shape and drive sustainable tourism development ensuring attractiveness, growth and sustainability of Med Cultural Destination.

The project objective is double-faced:

  • to improve the knowledge framework on Med Destination status of health,
  • to close the gap between research and reality providing actual responses to ICZM/MSP approaches, tackling main challenges of global competition.

The project assumes the main EU Directives (e.g. Territorial Agenda2020, ICZM, MSP, Blue Growth, Sustainable Tourism agenda) with the purpose to provide an effective contribution to the achievement of both EU and MED strategic objectives.

Definitely the ShapeTourism project general purpose is to drive a more integrated coastal and maritime sustainable development, OFFERING to public and private operators KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS to stimulate cultural destination development COMBINING THE STRATEGIC TERRITORIAL ASSETS EXPLOITATION WITH CARRYING CAPACITIES CONSTRAITS as well as the sustainability in the long run.