"We are MED" Community Building Event

17th May Alicante - "We are MED" Community Building Event: Going the thematic communities

This event has been the occasion to gather and meet together the eight thematic MED thematic communities for the double purpose to enhance a strong sense of belonging to the Interreg MED Community in a joint effort to foster synergies and transversal confrontation between the same MED thematic communities in a genuine environment of mutual learning.

In this stimulating arena the representatives of Shapetourism had the opportunity of acknowledging and identifying the potential project synergies with the eight MED thematic Communities in a pro-active team building activity and mutual confrontation followed by a short and effective presentation of all the funded projects of the same MED thematic Communities.

The following  “World Cafè” session was an interactive exercise that has successfully mixed all participants , assorted by Axis, in discussion groups with the precise goal to work together on project synergies and find a common work methodology and build a strong Interreg MED Community in the perspective of the Mid Term event in Rome in April 2018 that will be the opportunity to present the mid-term result of the projects highlighting best practices and showcases.