Adriatic Sea Forum / Cruise Ferry, Sail & Yacht

Budva 27-28 April 2017 - Third edition of the Adriatic Sea Forum / Cruise Ferry, Sail & Yacht

The attendance of this event was an extraordinary occasion to disseminate and mainstream the project goals and achievements and the potential follow-up in an arena of public and private maritime institutions of the Adriatic Sea and of the South-East Mediterranean.

Through bilateral and multilateral meetings, it was an effective opportunity to meet stakeholders and targets of the project in the long-term perspective of defining a road-map on how to export and transfer project main achievements to relevant public and private actors and stakeholders in order to launch a follow up testing phase of the main themes of Shapetourism.

The audience has showed a genuine interest to acknowledge ShapeTourism’s main achievements and results and at the same time they were very keen to deepen new scenarios of mutual cooperation.